The Coordination Body for Market Surveillance (CBMS)


A few years ago there was in the Republic of Kosovo a critical lack of coordination and communication between the authorities in charge of market surveillance which diminished the efficiency of their activities. The Coordination Body for Market Surveillance (CBMS) was for the first time established in the Republic of Kosovo in 2016 by the Government decision no. 08/82 from 30.03.2016 in order to provide an efficient coordinated approach of competent state inspectorates and other relevant institutions in the field of safety and compliance of non-food products made available on the Kosovo market. Through more effective inspection surveillance we shall create the necessary conditions that products made available on the market comply with the prescribed requirements which provide for a high level of protection of public interests such as health and safety of consumers and workers, protection of lives and health of domestic animals and plants as well as protection of environment.
With the adoption of the new Law no. 06/L-041 on Technical Requirements and Conformity Assessment in May 2018 an improved and more detailed legal bases for the work of CBMS was established which enabled the Government to issue a new decision no. 06/85 from 22.01.2019 link which established a strengthened coordination with a higher number of relevant institutions as members.


One of the fundamental freedoms is the free movement of goods. Economic Operators of non-food goods can often bring their products to the market without needing prior approval by a competent Inspection authority. Nevertheless, they must ensure that the products meet all legal requirements as prescribed by technical legislation. The inspection authority verifies this and takes measures restricting the movement of non-compliant products on the market. By doing so it guarantees the protection of all aspects of public interests, such as the health and safety of persons or the environment, while also ensuring fair competition. 

Our main goal is to work efficiently according to the legislation in order to assist consumers, economic operators and state authorities when meeting on the market of Kosovo. Through examining inspection surveillance issues in order to achieve a high level of harmonization of working methods, through development of the market surveillance programme and also through information exchange regarding products posing a risk for the health and safety of people, we should considerably improve Kosovo environment in this important segment of society. 

We make sure that all entities abide to regulations in the field of our scope of work and thus contribute to well-organized relations on the market. Complaints and suggestions, which we receive link, are looked into daily and they present important information on current market trends and relations. 
All market inspectors can work on the area throughout Kosovo, but inspectors working locally, within a certain branch know local circumstances best so we would like to ask you to contact local branches for any information or complaint you may have. We would also like to invite you to request assistance with complaints or ask a question about national legislation on product safety.

For your better information and protection all dangerous products found on Kosovo market with relevant information are published on this website link and a separate link enables you to access EU-RAPEX (Rapid Alert System for Dangerous Products) which informs you about the latest dangerous products found on the European Union market as there is a realistic possibility that they enter also the Kosovo market.