About the Coordination Body

The Coordination Body was established by a decision of the Government of Kosovo No. 08/82 dated, 30.03.2016. The Coordination Body consists of inspection authorities and Kosovo Customs for coordination of activities in the field of market surveillance. With the new Government Decision No. 06/85 dated, 22.01.2019, the Coordination Body consists of the authorities listed below.     

Market Inspectorate

  • Name: Naim Hajra
  • Email: naim.hajra@rks-gov.net

Ministry of Trade and Industry

Market Inspectorate Representative

Sanitary Inspectorate

  • Name: Ibrahim Tershnjaku
  • Email: ibrahim.tershnjaku@rks-gov.net

Agency for Food and Veterinary

Sanitary Inspectorate Representative

Energy Inspectorate

  • Name: Hysni Komoni
  • Email: hysni.komoni@rks-gov.net

Ministry of Economic Development

Energy Inspectorate Representative

Pharmaceutical Inspectorate

  • Name: Shaban Osmanaj
  • Email: shaban.osmanaj@rks-gov.net

Ministry of Health

Pharmaceutical Inspectorate Representative

Environment Inspectorate

  • Name: Ismet Dervari
  • Email: ismet.dervari@rks-gov.net

Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning

Environment Inspectorate Representative

Labour Inspectorate

  • Name: Murat Vokshi
  • Email: murat.vokshi@rks-gov.net

Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare

Labour Inspectorate Representative

Department for Public Security

  • Name: Driton Ademi
  • Email: driton.ademi@rks-gov.net

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Department for Public Security Representative

Department of Vehicles

  • Name: Nehbi Shatri
  • Email: nehbi.shatri@rks-gov.net

Ministry of Infrastructure

Department of Vehicles Representative

Metrology Agency

  • Name: Bastri Sallahu
  • Email: bastri.sallahu@rks-gov.net

Ministry of Trade and Industry

Metrology Agency Representative

Kosovo Customs

  • Name: Ardian Jashari
  • Email: ardian.jashari@dogana-ks.org

Ministry of Finance

Kosovo Customs Representative