Protection helmets

  • Alert Number: 24
  • Category: Protective equipment
  • Name: Protection helmets
  • Product: Helmet
  • Brand: Mungon
  • Type / number of model: Mungon
  • Batch number / Barcode: /

More Info

Product Type:


Type of alert:

Serious risk

Type of measure:

Compulsory measures

Category of measure:

Ban on placing the product on the market and any accompanying measures

State of Origin:


Category of Risk:


Date of Report:


Product description:

Working hat, without trade name, made of plastic, yellow, red, blue, black and white without laces on the bottom of the head, the product is unpacked, price per unit of: € 2.50, origin China.

Risk assesment and conclusions:

Due to the insufficient attractive traction capacity of the product and the resistance to the penetration of the impact, the product can come to human injury.