• Alert Number: 27
  • Category: Other
  • Name: METAL INOX
  • Product: Concrete cutting disc 350 mm
  • Brand: //
  • Type / number of model: 125 X 1,6 x 22.2 , 14A 32 T2 6Y
  • Batch number / Barcode:

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Product Type:


Type of alert:

Serious risk

Type of measure:

Compulsory measures

Category of measure:

Import rejected at border

State of Origin:


Category of Risk:


Date of Report:


Product description:

Disc for cutting Concrete 350 mm, origin from China, designation EXTRA, Metal Stainless steel, model; 12 x 1.6 x 22.2, 14A 32 T2 6Y, manufacturer unknown. The products are packed in yellow cardboard boxes.

Risk assesment and conclusions:

Product, concrete cutting disc, designation EXTRA METAL INOX, model:12x1.6x22.2, 14A,32,T2,6Y, originating in China manufacturer unknown. The products are not accompanied by technical documentation, declaration of conformity. When using the product by the user can lead to suffocation-injury.