• Alert Number: 28
  • Category: Protective equipment
  • Name: Earphones
  • Product: Ear protectors
  • Brand: //
  • Type / number of model: //
  • Batch number / Barcode: //

More Info

Product Type:


Type of alert:

Serious risk

Type of measure:

Compulsory measures

Category of measure:

Withdrawal of the product from the market and accompanying measures

State of Origin:


Category of Risk:


Date of Report:


Product description:

Red and black product packed in a transparent plastic bag, placed in a white cardboard box with Chinese texts, unit price: 2.50 €

Risk assesment and conclusions:

The product advertises a noise protection potential but its protection capacity has not been certified by a relevant (European) body. As a result, the product may not meet health and safety requirements and thus not protect properly, the product may not comply with basic safety requirements and pose a risk of harm to the user