Reflective striped vest

  • Alert Number: 29
  • Category: Personal Protective Equipment
  • Name: Reflective striped vest
  • Product: High visibility clothing
  • Brand: PRAXIS
  • Type / number of model: Art. 52257
  • Batch number / Barcode:

More Info

Product Type:


Type of alert:

Serious risk

Type of measure:

Compulsory measures

Category of measure:

Ban on placing the product on the market and any accompanying measures

State of Origin:


Category of Risk:


Date of Report:


Product description:

Reflective Vest, PRAXIS, art. 52257, packed in plastic bag, yellow color, orange red, red, marked with signs of conformity, other mandatory signs, manufactured by PRVAT LABE, Origin China.

Risk assesment and conclusions:

The product does not meet the parameters of the retroreflection coefficient, (R), for retroflective material for special performance. Using the product at dusk and at night, due to its low-reflective performance can endanger the life of the user- stifling