Third Steering Committee Meeting of FMG project held 10th April


The EU funded FMG project has held its third Steering Committee Meeting on Wednesday, 10 April, where beneficiaries and other stakeholders were informed of the Projects’ progress.

In the past 6 months, the Project supported the beneficiaries with the drafting and advice on secondary legislation; worked on strengthening of institutional and administrative capacities through trainings and workshops. It also supported participation of the beneficiaries’ personnel in international and regional meetings.

A survey with citizens was conducted on consumer rights issues, including a survey with over a hundred business operators on standards.

In the next period, the FMG project is planning to continue advice on secondary legislation and its implementation, support strengthening of capacities through training and workshops and study visits.

Public presentation of the developed RAPEX webpage for Kosovo will be done in May.

All partners expressed their satisfaction with the Projects’ current results and the planned activities and gave valuable advice on the best course to take to even improve the effectiveness of provided support.